The right lighting can change the look and feel of an event. We understand each event is unique and learning what you want to achieve with your event directly impacts the way we design your event.

Our lighting specialists have a strong background in all forms of live events and can assist with your design to enhance your brand. We have the equipment and knowledge to create a custom show, tailor-made just for you.

Our lighting professionals pride themselves in pre-production and will take into account sight lines, rigging capabilities, power requirements and complete full safety documentation so you can be confident in the knowledge that your show will be not only spectacular but safe and compliant.

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“We can’t thank you and your team enough for the time and effort put into making MEGA Shoulder such a success.
The feedback has been absolutely positive and we are so extremely happy with how the event worked out.
We really enjoyed working with the Haycom team!”

Device Technologies
“Thanks again to your team for a fantastic show last week.
Once again, your production was seamless. And your ability to cope with two or three very late curve balls from your client was really very impressive. Feedback from everyone, including the chairman, has been excellent.”

Rio Tinto