NW Group is committed to implementing a comprehensive sustainability program to minimise its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices within the industry.

We prioritise sustainability as a cornerstone value, consistently seeking avenues to enhance our efficiency and embrace more sustainable practices. Our sustainability efforts centre around four key focal points:

Reducing Waste and Carbon Emissions

Reducing waste and carbon emissions

  • Prioritise the use of reusable and recyclable materials
  • Invest in reusable batteries
  • Road cases are made from natural materials that last decades
  • Efficient logistics planning to reduce fuel consumption
  • Energy efficient equipment

Promoting Responsible Consumption

Promoting responsible consumption

  • Offer energy efficient AV equipment and encourage our customers to make sustainable choices
  • Working towards providing ‘impact’ information on all equipment to aid informed choices

Transition to LED Technology

Transition to LED technology 

  • Dedicated to transition from conventional lighting to LED lighting
  • LED lighting reduces energy consumption and has longer life, resulting in reduced waste generation and fewer replacements over time
  • LED lights do not contain any hazardous substances like mercury, which is commonly found in fluorescent bulbs

Journey Towards EcoVadis Certification

Journey towards EcoVadis Certification

  • Undertaking a thorough assessment of practices, policies and impact to identify areas of improvement and implement changes that promote long-term sustainability and positive societal impact
  • This certification will validate our commitment to sustainability, enhance our reputation and attract likeminded customers

In the course of our daily business we aim to minimise the consumption of energy, water, paper and other material inputs. Minimise our reliance of non-renewables, or single use resources. Minimise the generation of waste. Reduce our environmental impact generated through travel and other business activities. We aim to achieve this by:

Cutting energy, water and paper use in our offices, partnering with landlords for better efficiency and waste reduction.
Sorting waste into reusable, recyclable, and true waste. As well as recycling batteries from equipment use, such as radio mics.
Cutting vehicle emissions, tracking and setting reduction targets.
Eco-friendly purchases. We consider energy efficiency, longevity and recyclability.
Collaborating with suppliers and customers to minimise travel impact.
Minimising waste, maximising reuse and recycling.
Promoting environmentally sound business practices by modelling desired behaviours.
Empowering and educating staff to cut environmental impact through awareness, participation and feedback.
Communicating our environmental performance through regular reporting.
Extensive branch network across Australasia to efficiently serve our customers, eliminating the need for extensive travel or freight of equipment.

NW Group takes the widest possible view of inclusion and diversity, going beyond gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age and sexuality to create a work environment that welcomes all forms of difference.

Our workforce is a reflection of the clients we serve, the suppliers we do business with, and the communities in which we operate.

Diversity in our workforce provides experience, tolerance, and cultural understanding, enhancing our reputation as a global service provider.


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“We are so thankful to you all for being part of this kaupapa! The set and lighting looked gorgeous. Loved the colours. Everyone was on fire! The energy was amazing! We couldn’t have asked for anything more, it was a fantastic evening.”

“I am so incredibly humbled by your team and what you continue to do for The Timber Yard. It’s been fun ‘finding our people’ and NW Group definitely are that! Again, I hope this event was everything you wished it could be, as it definitely was for us!”.
– The Timber Yard


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