Our business thrives on being a success. To achieve this, we help you deliver key messages to your audience – loud and clear. We can cover a range of event sizes from large ballrooms and function areas to unique event spaces and breakout rooms.

As part of the NW Group, we have some of the latest audio technology available in the market place. We have a major reinvestment program in our inventory and keep up to date with the evolutions in AV.

In any location, our huge range of specialist audio products and expertise will ensure each guest hears every syllable with clarity.

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“We can’t thank you and your team enough for the time and effort put into making MEGA Shoulder such a success.
The feedback has been absolutely positive and we are so extremely happy with how the event worked out.
We really enjoyed working with the Haycom team!”

Device Technologies
“Thanks again to your team for a fantastic show last week.
Once again, your production was seamless. And your ability to cope with two or three very late curve balls from your client was really very impressive. Feedback from everyone, including the chairman, has been excellent.”

Rio Tinto