For more than 25 years, Spyglass has brought creative technique and audio-visual
technology together to help create unforgettable events for clients in New Zealand and
around the world.

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When we started out, event technology consisted primarily of 35mm slide projectors. Today, we can project imagery across an entire football stadium, enabling every person in it to be a part of the show!

Times have changed, and technology will continue to expand the boundaries of participation for audiences. Yet some things are as true today as they ever were; technology is no substitute for story, but it is the means by which that story can be truly experienced.

As part of the NW Group, our vast inventory of equipment is available to every client. We will ensure you have what you need to create impact and achieve success.

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“The team at Spyglass work hard to deliver not only great service in delivery but also in the planning stages. We have always included Spyglass at the beginning of the project to gather their input and challenge the norms. We thoroughly enjoy working with a team that is so committed to a high standard of delivery and a great team to integrate into ours.”