Fatboy Slim NZ Tour & Electric Gardens

The Brief

We were contracted by Endeavour Live to provide the full production of the Fatboy Slim NZ Tour, consisting of four shows and the Electric Gardens festival that Fatboy Slim headlined – mostly outdoor venues ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 people. We wanted to create an incredible atmosphere and experience for everyone who was going to attend the tour and festival. We set up a huge LED screen, which was 11 metres wide, for an amazing visual backdrop onstage.

Two of the shows in particular, which were scheduled to play back-to-back, had a very tight turnaround so we had to find a way to be able to carry out both, while still maintaining our usual high-quality production.


There was an issue in setting up the LED screen as its size made it quite heavy – about 2.5 tonnes. So we split the weight in between being hung and ground stacked. This safely secured the 11 metre LED screen in place.

We used a full line array D&B PA system, a lot of subs and fingers of truss for a non-traditional lighting setup.

The short timeframe between the Hamilton show and the Napier show the very next day meant that we had to pull off both back-to-back shows on time, smoothly and excellently. To do this, once we finished the Hamilton show, we packed down at around 2am and chartered a plane to fly down key crew to Napier to join some of the crew already there to set up that same morning – in time for the Napier show that day.


The back-to-back Hamilton and Napier shows made for an incredibly tight turnaround, but we made it happen – not only on time but also to a high calibre.

The client was very happy with the results, especially the huge HD screen that provided a spectacular visual experience. The musician was also over the moon, as well as the promoter. Everyone raved about how great the shows were as proven by the fantastic feedback online.