Our experienced team of designers, developers and technicians work closely with clients, agencies and event partners, to ensure everything goes smoothly before, during and after the event.


We pay special attention to your brief. We make sure the basics are covered, like the date of your event, how many people will be there, what outcomes you are looking for and the type of event you are looking to create.

We do more than just design the concept. We consider the development of your event including the logistics required. Site visits are an important part of the scoping process so we can review the options available and come up with a solution best suited for you. We test our solutions in-studio with pre-vis for the best possible outcome.

We check everything and then present it back to you. We cover budget, concept and map out a detailed plan.


We review budget configurations, set up time lines and determine the best logistics.

Our collaborative approach ensures that you are kept informed every step of the way.


Hire from our extensive range of Vision equipment including:

  • Screens
  • Lighting
  • Projectors
  • Computer Equipment
  • Audio
  • Staging

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“The team at Spyglass work hard to deliver not only great service in delivery but also in the planning stages. We have always included Spyglass at the beginning of the project to gather their input and challenge the norms. We thoroughly enjoy working with a team that is so committed to a high standard of delivery and a great team to integrate into ours.”