We live in a world fixated by screens – you’re using one right now! They help us to communicate, plan our social lives, learn, experience a show and so much more. A very 21st century department, Screens completes our suite of services.

You may want to entertain, you may want to inform, but whatever your aim, the content of the screen is king – and we have the visual display technology to suit. We have the systems and expertise to integrate with any image or video source and can accommodate various settings and formats.

Our screens, digital projectors and cameras are seen augmenting events as diverse as major sports fixtures, live shows, conferences, dance parties and staff presentations. Vision adds another layer to any event.

Our expert personnel will advise you of the best package. Coupled with experience from our sister company Spyglass, we install, programme and operate this specialist equipment.

We offer the very best in all that’s cutting edge in the realm of big screens & vision.

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“I’m always very impressed by the way Oceania always try to use new technology/gear when they can, they are also very good at overcoming challenges and using creative solutions; it makes producing these kind of events so much easier when you know that there are people like the Oceania guys who have got your back and are working alongside you to create a top quality product.”
– Sky TV