This is where it all began. It was 1973 and an audio business was born, number of staff one. From modest beginnings we’ve grown into the Oceania you see today, a complete events company, of which Sound is a key department. Put another way, we are the largest professional audio provider in the country.

Want something heard? Our specialised sound engineers and technicians are a highly experienced and creative lot, and have worked all over New Zealand, as well as Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands, supplying world-class audio for a massive variety of shows and events. You’ll recognise us from innumerable big, high-profile events, rock ‘n roll shows, festivals and public extravaganzas, but we equally turn our skills to broadcasts, corporate shows and meetings.

Need some help with school speech day? No problem – we can have the microphone and self-powered speaker for the job. Want a team of specialised crew and engineers to stage a stadium-sized PA for 100,000 pairs of ears?

There is no job too big or small.

For those with an interest in detail, our sound equipment list can be found here.

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“I’m always very impressed by the way Oceania always try to use new technology/gear when they can, they are also very good at overcoming challenges and using creative solutions; it makes producing these kind of events so much easier when you know that there are people like the Oceania guys who have got your back and are working alongside you to create a top quality product.”
– Sky TV